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Last year, hunters in Texas took 722,044 deer, according to Outdoor Life. The buck was honored in 2019 during the 30th Big Game Awards. Scoring a whopping 192 1/8 inches, the Eddie L. Kinney buck is a massive western whitetail. Christorf's buck is also potentially the. Wisconsin is the #1 ranked state with 1,822 total entries and six counties in the top 20 U.S. counties with the most records produced. Tuckers non-typical buck scored 315-1/8 inches and is the new state record as well as #4 on the All-time list. Washington and Oregon are the states where you will find Roosevelt elk. Copyright 2023 Just seeing a B&C-class 8-point is a rarity; having multiple encounters with one and then killing him is something else altogether. A 14-year-old girl set a world record after taking down a buck with 42 points on it. Season of kill, location of kill, deer type and weapon used are what has normally collected. What state has the biggest whitetail bucks? Its 10-point rack is a true spectacle, displaying 26 3/8- and 27 7/8-inch beams. This is significantly larger than the Rocky Mountain bull elk, which has an average weight of 700 pounds. This is an unusual advantage, as not many states do this. 1. The buck has a total of 16 pointsfour of which are abnormal. The Roosevelt elk is so large that bulls may weigh as much as 1,200 pounds. And without question, Alaska is the home of the largest moose in the United States. With a wide spread, long beams, decent tines, and solid mass, this deer is a great one. Mettler shot this state record in McPherson County in 2014, and its held ever since. Illinois is the #2 state overall with 1,445 total entries and has four counties in the top 20 U.S. counties, including: Pike County that ranks #10 with 57 entries, Fulton and Adams Counties that are tied for #11 with 55 total entries, and Jo Daviess County that ranks #17 with 49 entries. The Missouri Monarchs antlers featured some serious head gear that measured 333 7/8 inches in length, making it the largest scored deer ever. When Holden Torres and his hunting buddy, Austin Bass, drew a pair of Kansas nonresident archery tags, they made the long drive from their Louisiana home to scout and obtain permission in July. Area is the total area of the unit. Loyd harvested the massive whitetail in Lee County, Arkansas. Recognized nationwide as one of the country's premier white-tailed deer hunting states, Wisconsin has both an abundant herd and a proven reputation for producing some of the largest bucks in the world. Ohio moved up in rank to #5 with 1,049 total entries. But the expert whitetail hunter was pleasantly surprised when he started getting hard-antler pics of the buck in September. Lets explore them below. Milo N. Hansons shot in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1993 holds the record for the largest rack ever shot. Buringa, a college sophomore, was a state champion wrestler in high school (no small feat in wrestling-crazy Minnesota), but he was wasnt prepared for the attention he got after shooting the buck. Read the full story here. I could not have done it without the help of my dad and brother. The buck gross-scored 173. We were sitting on a food plot and had watched a little nubbin buck walk in and feed, she recalled. With a guided hunting tour for Alaskan moose, you will probably have a much higher success rate than you would on your own. This magnificent rack of antlers is a real stand-out, and it will be a huge hit on the trophy wall. Just barely knocked down to the #6 position is Kentucky with 1,048 total entries. "Even so, there were no trail cam shots of the buck, and no one had seen him prior to my hunt." Mass measurements vary between 4 2/8 and 5 1/8 inches. And to come across this, it's a diamond in the rough," Nate Olsen told NBC15 News. This shows the quality of deer management across the entire state. The states top five typical bucks ever taken, however, did not come from these high producing counties, instead coming from Hamilton, Decatur, Des Moines, Plymouth, and Monroe counties. Whether youre an experienced hunter or simply someone who appreciates nature, theres no denying that the whitetail deer is an impressive animal. This state has six counties in the top 20 United States counties. After Olsen made the discovery, he called the Department of Natural Resources right away. The state record whitetail deer was harvested in 2019 in Colfax County. Taken in Burnett County, it is No. Four Illinois counties are among the top 20 in the country when it comes to deer population. It would be fitting if the world record for non-typical whitetails and muley fell in 2019 as the previous years record for this species had just been broken. The state of Wisconsin is home to a plethora of magnificent deer. Colt Russell knew about a monstrous buck in his area, but harbored no illusion about killing it. The H1 mass measurements are 5 inches or greater, and the remaining six are 4 3/8 to 4 6/8. You must also be aware of the states deer hunting season. With the wind in our favor, we stalked as close to him as we dared and then settled in. Of course, those big typical whitetails arent the only monsters to gawk at below. On opening day of the gun season, one of our guys was coming down from his stand and spooked the buck. Wyatt shot the big 10-pointer, which was incredibly symmetrical. One of the advantages of hunting in Idaho is that you can directly purchase tags for hunting mule deer over the counter. The shed antler is available for $550 to $1,000, but do not expect to pay more than $10 per pound. During the rutting season, males spar with one another and fight for dominance. After capturing him on camera for several years, I decided he would be my target buck this fall, Spence said. Lets review the states with the largest specimens in each deer species: was launched in 2005 and has evolved over the past 18 years to feature some of the best information about deer on the web. The state also has three counties in the top 20 U.S. counties with the most records produced, including: Allamakee County that ranks #8 with 60 entries, Warren County that ranks #16 with 50 total entries, and Clayton County that is tied for #19 with 47 entries. One of the biggest threats to the deer population continues to be chronic wasting disease (CWD) a neurological disease that spreads easily among deer and is always fatal. Wisconsin hunter Brandon Wikman kicked off his 2021 season by traveling to Kansas to take advantage of their early muzzleloader season. This buck has only three of eight measurements that reach 5 inches, and only barely at that. As soon as this hunter began setting world records, he was in the hunt. Regular price, $60 or pay only $48 for the book with JOIN. Register a harvested deer with Game Reg. A main-frame 7*6, with a split browtine on one side, is used by Doug Williams for a 14 scorable point buck. Still, with the unreal tine lengths ranging from 10 5/8 to 15 2/8 inches, this deer had no chance but to become a record. It even has one G5 at 5 4/8 inches, and solid mass measurements to boot. So, what is the largest rack on a deer ever hunted? I was about 250 yards from the truck when I glanced over and saw the body of a big deer. According to the Green Fire report, the disease was first detected in Wisconsin in 2002, but has now spread to 32 counties with infection rates up to 50 percent. 24 deer all-time. New data from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shows hunters killed nearly 8 percent fewer deer overall during a "quiet" 2021 gun deer season. Of course, you must get a valid Wisconsin hunting license for any and all kinds of hunting in this state. 81 all-time. Currently it sits as the second largest typical buck killed and features only 3 inches of deductions. While this deer ranks 1,301 overall, the Lovrin buck is still king of Connecticut. You can go through the entire list if youd likeor you can simply scroll down to your state to see what itll take to tag a new record whitetail deer during the 2022 whitetail hunting season. The big deer was either 4 or 5 years old.". "I spend a lot of time in the woods, hunting three to five days per week," Schneider said. With the help of the Boone and Crockett Club, which has been compiling these records of big whitetails since 1887, we put together this list of the biggest typical whitetail deer from every statewell, every state that has whitetail deer, that is. 3 all-time. Notably, however, the states top five typical bucks ever taken did not come from these high producing counties, instead coming from Burnett, Kenosha, Wood, Columbia, and Dodge counties. The biggest elk, on the other hand, are in Washington State, and the largest mule deer can be found in Colorado. Alaskan moose live in Alaska and reach all the way to the area near the Northwest Territories of Canada. Fifth place would have to go to a buck killed in New York in 1946. This state has the most records for large deer, and it currently has 1,822 entries for record-setting white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer are extremely fearful, as they are frequently preyed upon by humans who regularly hunt them. This massive rack measured an incredible 27 inches wide and 36 inches long, making it the largest ever recorded. When Cort Travis and his friend got permission to hunt an 80-acre tract close to school, they immediately got pics of several bucks, including a palmated giant that would turn any hunters head. Many parts of Colorado feature outstanding habitats for mule deer. Minnesota comes in #4 in the overall state rankings with 1,194 total entries and four counties in the top 20 U.S. counties: St. Louis County that is the #2 overall county with 102 total entries, Otter Tail County that ranks #7 with 63 total entries, Houston County that is tied for #14 with 54 entries, and Winona County that is tied for #19 with 47 entries. Wisconsin deer hunter Jared Thiede and his family hunted a buck they called "Picket" for three years before Jared finally killed the whopper in Vernon County. While this number . During the 22nd Big Game Awards Program in Dallas, Texas, the judges of the Boone and Crockett Club voted Hansons buck the new world record for a typical whitetail, awarding him 213-5/8 points. He had a big drop tine on the right side this summer, and after I killed him, another hunter whod been after him showed me some pics he had; the buck had the drop until October 6th but broke it off some time after that.. However, its beams are quite impressive, measuring 29 5/8 and 29 4/8 inches. And to come across this, it's a diamond in the rough, Olsen tells NBC15 News. Plus, its hard to beat four tines over 10 inches, and two more that nearly reach that. 1 in Big Sky Country. The deer is in midair in the photo, leaping over a field edge, his massive rack framed perfectly against a backdrop of yellowing beans. Beadle hung trail cams early the summer and zeroed in on the buck, then spent the first week of the archery season hunting the monster. Saskatchewan teen Audrey Ediger and her dad first spotted this buck in late August and went every morning and night to scout the monster until opening day. Arkansas rounds out the top of the special state stats thanks to William L. Loyds 2018 typical buck from Lee County that scored 200-1/8 points and ranks #17 All-time and #1 in the state, pending review by the Judges Panel for the 31st Big Game Awards in 2022. Bagged in 1983, in the legendary Saunders County, this record whitetail deer certainly seems to hold the title well. Despite being such a small state, Rhode Island still has four typicals in the Boone and Crockett record book. One of the biggest threats to the deer population continues to be chronic wasting disease (CWD) a neurological disease that spreads easily among deer and is always fatal. Josh Honeycutt If you go for a fully guided hunting tour, you may enjoy a success rate of more than 75%. Incredibly, one tine measures more than 10 inches, another over 12 inches, two bigger than 13 inches, and one over 14 inches. Tim saw a pair of sheds described by a rancher as being the largest of their kind. Plus, the G2s, G3s, and G4s all range from 10 4/8 to 15 3/8 inches. This county has contributed 150 record-breaking entries. Jeremy Brower had enjoyed 12 seasons of deer hunting, but still had not put his tag on a whitetail with antlers. "The record for the biggest deer in Wisconsin ever to be found or killed is 253 inches. With 24 4/8 inches of inside spread, and two main beams stretching the tape to 31 7/8 inches, theres no wonder this deer scores just shy of 200 inches. The new owner requested an official score from Boone and Crockett. If I would have been able to shoot it, I don't think I would have been getting out of the tree stand too easily. Don't Forget 1907 and 1924 Bucks I hung a camera and didnt get a single pic of him until November 5th, which is also the day I harvested him. Marquardts towering 8-point green-netted 179-4/8. Stephen L. Tuckers 2016 buck from Sumner County helped to land Tennessee into the top state stats as a bonus state. Preliminary figures show that hunters registered 203,295 deer during the 2022 gun deer season, including 98,397 antlered and 104,898 antlerless deer. The 21st Century Whitetails includes Bradley S. Jermans 2004 typical buck from Warren County that scored 201-1/8 becoming the #1 buck in Ohio history and the #12 on the All-time list and David G. Kopps Stark County non-typical buck from 2016 that scored 258-1/8 and ranks #8 in the state and #63 All-time; Kopps buck was part of the 30th Big Game Awards in 2019. The Rhine Buck was estimated to be 5 years old, weighing 300 pounds, and measuring 217 inches long. Moose are the largest animals in the deer family. Amazingly, the mass at the end of the main beams was even thicker than the bases, at 7 inches. It received only 3 3/8 inches of deductions. Generally, spot-and-stalk hunting methods are the best when it comes to moose. Hunter may have found Wisconsins record-breaking buck, Bear spotted by Home Depot in Madison, officials say, Woman files lawsuit against Morgan Wallen for canceling show, Study weighs the benefits of sports complex in Dane County, Panthers oust record-setting Bruins 4-3 in OT in Game 7, Madison Parks Foundation installs memorial sculpture at Quann Dog Park. Just $1 per month , Ten 200-plus inchers, three potential record-setting deer, and one possible world record. It has a great spread, and even has solid mass, but its tines are most impressive. I knew my dad wasnt hunting that afternoon, so I asked him to go with me, Schommer said. Only this pair of sheds has the ability to be fully scored without any speculation about inside spread. Wisconsin has the most big deer entries, according to the Boone and Crockett Big Buck Hunter Association, with 1,822. Colorado is the state with the largest mule deer. With a cold front coming, he slipped into a stand he knew was close to where a nice buck was bedding. If youre an American citizen, you can go on your own to hunt Alaskan moose in Alaska. The Brenigar buck was taken in 1969, by David Brenigar in Wapello County, Iowa. Its G2s, G3s, and G4s are over 10 inches, with two tines over 11, two tines over 13, and one tine over 14 inches. We had pics of him hitting scrapes in October, but always at night, Buringa said. New Mexico has both whitetails and Coues deerand two of the former were large enough to make the typical record books. One buck that is highlighted in this section is Luke Brewsters non-typical taken in 2018 from Edgar County that scored 327-7/8 and is the new Illinois state record and the #3 on the All-time list, pending Judges Panel review for the 31st Big Game Awards in 2022. This 4.5-year-old buck measured 200 inches in length and weighed 220 pounds in field dressing. What are the best deer hunting counties in Wisconsin? Huffs huge 6X6 has it allmass, towering height, and symmetry that could result in a final net score in the neighborhood of 208 inches. Wisconsin bowhunter Tristan Mueller only had eight (yes, 8) acres to work with, but that didnt stop him from arrowing a Booner this fall. Boone and Crockett Club Score: 185 4/8 inches Harvest Date: November 11, 1978 Hunter: Herbert N. Milam The Herbert N. Milam buck was bagged in. Moose hunting is usually a group activity, and accepting the guidance of a seasoned moose hunting tour guide is key. He was easily the biggest whitetail buck I had ever seen in person. The left side main beam is slightly longer at 29 inches, while the right side is 27 7/8 inches. Join F&S+ to read exclusive stories by your favorite writers. Schneider's biggest deer to date, however, was a monster bowkill that far outscored any of his previous bucks. That is a major reason why its usually not a good idea to hunt moose by yourself. I remember the first time I saw him, I couldnt believe my eyes. When Tim looked up at those massive beams, he felt a drop in his jaw. I first saw him in July, when I was out driving and scouting and looking for deer, Marquardt recalled. While the buck has plenty of stickers, scorers say it has a chance of besting the states 188-inch bow-kill record. Its the towering typical at top of the collage. I have many, many miles on my boots looking for sheds. Despite having been shot in the head, Colt Russell still managed to reach the bow range on this stunning buck. The G3s are over 13 inches and G4s are over 10 and 11 inches. And he is flirting with breaking the record," he said. According to Boone and Crockett, Wisconsin is the number one largest big buck state with 1,822 total entries. Rather, it was picked up in Lee County, Alabama, more than three and a half decades ago by George P. Mann. The story of Loyds Arkansas buck shows why effective deer management in many states is creating the potential for record-book bucks being harvested, even in states that havent traditionally been known for their trophy deer. Taken in 2006, and reaching an impressive 187 2/8 inches, the Klucky buck was bagged in Merrimack County. These antlers can range in size from just a few inches to several feet, depending on the age and health of the deer. Of all the states in the United States, Wisconsin tends to have the biggest white-tailed deer. Last year, hunters harvested 190,646 deer. Its also the No. So clear your At the peak of the market-hunting era, waterfowlers Cameron Freshour was hunting with his wife on Sign up for the Field & Stream newsletter and get the latest intelligence straight to your inbox. The next time youre out in the woods, keep your eyes peeled for one of these magnificent creatures you might just get a chance to see the biggest rack of all. The green-gross 183-4/8-inch main-frame 8 sported 6-inch bases, 25-inch main beams, and 12-inch G2s. In 1977, John Annett of Ontario bucked a massive white-tail deer with a bow, the biggest deer ever killed with a bow. A deer was wearing that set of antlers when Tim was born. Milo N. Hanson set the record for the largest typical rack for a deer shot in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1993. With long beams, tall tines, and great mass, this is a deer for the ages, and is the current, longstanding P&Y world-record typical. I've shot several that make the book, but this one here's kind of way bigger than anything I've ever experienced, Hackett says. Wisconsin is home to the worlds largest deer, a moose. If that is what youre looking for, you should visit Dodge, Columbia, Kenosha, Wood, and Burnett counties. Hunters favorite method for identifying trophy-worthy areas is to look at the most promising areas. 19 all time. John A. Breen shot his massive, 202-inch whitetail in Beltrami County in 1918. Wisconsin reported that 820,299 deer hunting licenses were sold for the 2020 season, which would have been the most recent season when the post was first shared on May 23, 2021. Since archery seasons opened on Sept. 17, hunters have registered 301,540 deer statewide. 40 all time. Every winter, bucks drop their antlers and grow a new pair by the fall. In the world of big game hunting, there are few animals that garner as much attention as the mighty whitetail deer. Mass is on the weaker side for a state record, but it has a 21 6/8-inch inside spread, respectable main beams over 26 and 27 inches, and six tines over 10 inches that range from 10 to 14 3/8 inches. Here youll find informative articles about the biology, habitat, habits of deer. This is what they looked like in the years leading up to the first deer hunting season. #4 Heaviest Buck Ever Shot: The John Doe Buck, 1938 Fourth place goes to a 321-pound buck killed in Bayfield County, Wisconsin, in 1938. I could not be more excited, thankful, and proud of this 2021 deer season. Taylors wide, massive muley grossed 200 inches. Not only is it more dangerous, its much more difficult to transport a moose carcass. Jordan Smith saw this incredible Kansas buck from a stand located near an old oil rig three times in the course of a week. This shows the quality of deer management across the entire state. It was an unreal moment and feeling of accomplishment to shoot a buck of this caliber off my own 8 acres. Muellers main-frame 6X6 sported two stickers and grossed 178. Minnesotan Chris Lyon knew there was a giant buck in his neighborhood; the monster whitetail would show up on his cameras about once a year. No. If youre a deer hunter and youve had success, youre probably ready to progress to larger bucks. The biggest of three bucks Brandon Wikman took during the early part of the 2021 season. We are a hunting family. Updated Dec 16, 2021 12:04 PM EST, Every year when Im putting together this roundup, I think, We cant possibly top last years. It has a 65 rack, and it is remarkably stout in the main-beam and tine-length departments. In some cases, a lottery draw is the only way to get one of these tags. Jeff Weber's awesome 15-pointer taken in Fon du Lac County, located in Wisconsin's eastern portion of the state, grossed over 200 inches. "The record for the biggest deer in Wisconsin ever to be found or killed is 253 inches. Luckily, there are many different regions, or units, where you can take part in these draws. One beam is 30 2/8 inches, while the other is 29 6/8. Its beam lengths are eye-popping at 28 4/8 and 28 6/8 inches. The #1 county overall is Buffalo County with 150 entries in the record book, Crawford County ranks #9 with 58 entries, Trempealeau County ranks #11 with 55 entries, Vernon County ranks #14 with 54 entries, Richland County ranks #18 with 48 entries, and Sauk County ranks #19 with 47 entries. We called him Hank the Tank, and he survived two archery shots from other hunters in years past, as well as getting hit by a car in early 2021, Yira said. Well, that plus woodsmanship and a whole lot of determination. When Jared Thiede laid eyes on a big buck in 2011, he had no idea what was in store for him. According to what we can gather, John Annett of Ontario killed the largest deer ever shot by a bow-hunter in 1977. Finally, he stood up, and I was able to range him. Tags: hunting, -deer-hunting, -whitetails, Tags: deer-hunting, -thebigdeer, -whitetail-hunting. Our friends over at Outdoor Life broke the story of Benny Overholts incredible Georgia cactus buck. Overholt actually passed on the buck in 2020, and this year notice in his trail-cam photos that the deer never shed its velvet, as the rack just got bigger and crazier. He was one of the lucky hunters to pass on a massive buck with a broken rack during the last deer hunting season, and it was one of the most rewarding deer hunting decisions hed ever made. Well, Browers patience paid off on November 13 when, as he watched a doe in the field in front of him, he spotted a good buck several hundred yards off. The Roosevelt elk is the North American elk subspecies with the largest average body size.

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