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South Dakota ", Wind turbines dot the countryside in Okarche, Okla., in 2021. When constructed, Auburn Harvest will create millions of dollars in new property tax revenue, along with many short- and long-term economic opportunities for the entire community. :>9yzO5nU~C&DV_AZ#x3n!9/&^wpZ$gEW: >.2iVpH3_/:_i{_UEv Zek'g/IU`#x!PYj-uK|7{_q]C]+!:=b!B?ZH,CPDv=JX >"z;cNX YFVy7rr~pz=CiH#\Jfhez >Xxh]h~s[V%Rm^@!K2@`m5T)%vBcYqM`2VL%>^yonND! You got to figure out the economic arguments. In the last few months, more states Washington, Iowa and Kansas have proposed bills to restrict rural utility-scale wind and solar. Barbara Kerr is a professor of psychology at the University of Kansas and she's a founding member of that anti-solar group in Kansas, which opposes NextEra Energy's proposed utility-scale solar plant in Douglas and Johnson counties. But Kitson has seen a broken piece of a fallen turbine blade himself, which got him worrying about how the fiberglass might affect the integrity of the soil and the crops. Iowa wind energy not actually reducing carbon dioxide emissions, Last fall, Fergen and his colleagues published a paper. Topeka Capital-Journal. Opponents of wind power are successfully stalling or rejecting wind farm projects across the country. North Carolina Europe Public Service Co. of Oklahoma (PSO) has made some progress on six proposed green energy projects - three solar and three wind - that the company . Kansas has become a national leader in wind energy generation, producing more than 40% of its energy from wind. Interactive Map of Proposed Wind Projects in Kansas Source: Kansas "And so when you have people coming and stating things as facts, especially if there's nobody fact-checking everything, right, it's difficult. Other landowners say they dont mind a wind farm. Editor's note: Facebook's parent company, Meta, pays NPR to license NPR content. . Source: Kansas Advanced Power Alliance. . Download the KSN News App and stay up-to-date wherever you are. Barbados Arizona stream As highlighted in the table above, the projects have a combined capacity of generating nearly 6.6 GW of wind power. is a work in progress. Renewable Energy | Learn more and find out how the Auburn Harvest Wind Project will benefit everyone who calls Osage County home. Three men were trying to install lights on the tiny home. The project would be about a mile from his home. Network is not responsible for the content on external web-sites Janet Mills' support for offshore wind projects in Augusta, Maine. Nevada Some have moved out into the country you know to escape the city or whatever and looking for solitude, said Marion County Commissioner Kent Becker. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Alabama hide caption. Charlie Riedel/AP The proposal in Marion County is expected to be up for public comment in May. Guam The Sunflower States growing wind farm business has brought money to landowners and reduced the states reliance on coal. The Soldier Creek Wind Energy Center is an innovative wind project located in Nemaha County in Kansas that has a capacity of approximately 300 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. Will it continue to decrease the population of the eastern part of the county? said one concerned resident at Mondays County Board of Commissioners meeting. Interactive Map of Proposed Wind Projects in Kansas Source: Kansas Energy Information Network, July 2013. Kansas has become a national leader in wind energy generation, producing more than 40% of its energy from wind. John Hanna/AP In one video on the anti-solar group's YouTube channel, Thompson calls climate change "one of the biggest scams out there" and says "carbon dioxide has no correlation with the temperature on this planet whatsoever." Opinions They have built a new home. Russia Are people less bothered by it? Earlier this month, when asked about the unfolding Ukraine crisis on a podcast, Trump immediately responded by listing untrue ideas about wind energy. Kansas Commercial Wind Projects Info (PDF), Source: Kansas Wind Working Group, January 2009. The project is the first phase of the Monte Alto Wind Farm that has a capacity of 223.8 megawatts (MW), comprising 38 units at 4.8 MW each and 18 units at 2.3 MW each. Morocco The 1,260 MW Empire Wind 2 and 1,230 MW Beacon Wind projects were provisionally awarded in January 2021 as a result of NYSERDAs second offshore wind competitive solicitation. 2001-2016 by Kansas Energy Information Network. "Just horrible," Kerr says of the videos. Antigua and Barbuda But Facebook is one of the biggest drivers of misleading content about renewable energy, says Josh Fergen, a researcher at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Australia Sunflower Wind will bring rsteds capacity in the SPP energy market to 832 MW, which is enough to power almost 270,000 US homes. hide caption. Petroleum | %PDF-1.5 Washington location.href = ""+dropdown.options[dropdown.selectedIndex].value; Interactive Map of Existing and Proposed wind projects in Kansas Source: Kansas Setbacks limit how close wind projects can be to buildings, and Mills says they often make sense to reduce things such as noise and "shadow flicker," the moving shadows and strobing sunlight that turbines can cast onto buildings. Georgia Wind farms are a safe and effective means of generating electricity, and we ensure that clean power is delivered diligently through proper siting, construction, and management practices. Kansas "I do that just to try to show people what's possible.". hide caption. But because the area is home to the last remnants of the tallgrass prairie, an . According to a report by Anderson's law firm, over two decades, the wind energy industry has created 22,002 jobs directly and indirectly in Kansas. Portugal } "I just find it upsetting," Reuman says. hide caption. The Auburn Harvest Wind project is a proposed 252-megawatt wind energy project to be located in Osage County, Kansas. And it's like, 'it's so not about that at all!'" Use this clickable map to see where wind farms are located, when they were built, and zoom in for a closer look. Oklahoma "I was just like, there's got to be a way to beat 'em," he says of the developer, Apex Clean Energy. New York A wind turbine is silhouetted against the sky at sunset near Ellsworth, Kansas. The 2023 annual meeting of the Kansas-Nebraska Big Blue River Compact Administration will be hosted by Kansas on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. F: (785) 325-3255, 2023Backroads News | Washington County News, At 600 megawatts, the proposed wind farm that could straddle the border of Washington and Republic Counties will be the largest project, in terms of net megawatts, developed by NextEra Energy Resources. It also has one wind farm in Missouri. Consider the burly, newest version of wind farming at the Cimarron Bend wind farm south of Dodge City. rsteds board of directors has taken a final investment decision (FID) on the Sunflower Wind development in Kansas. 1 country songs is now taking the stage, Three Kansas State football players enter transfer portal after spring practice ends, Kansas reports more than 500 new COVID cases. I can certainly see their point.. The proposed wind facilities would have a lifetime of 40 years, while the solar facilities would last 30 years. From the beginning, Kitson who teaches physics and chemistry at the local high school knew he didn't want the turbines anywhere near him. The project has a total investment of $3.9 billion, according to MidAmerican. Janet Mills' support for offshore wind projects in Augusta, Maine. ", "What we found, interestingly, is that the individuals that were annoyed by shadow flicker did not necessarily have a higher level of shadow flicker at their home than those that weren't annoyed," Hoen says. The Marshall County residents proposed the Kansas Legislature enact statewide rules for wind farms, including a required 1-mile setback from the property lines of any non-participating landowners and a 1.5-mile setback from homes. Commissioner Becker says the proposed wind farm is from Expedition Wind based out of Minneapolis. Sri Lanka In about half of states, regulations around how and whether to build rural utility-scale solar and wind are determined on the local level, Mills says. The 112 megawatt wind farm features . Wyoming "There were so many people saying that it's horrible, you do not want to live under these things,'" Kitson says. Ireland U.K. We are proud to stand side by side with local residents, skilled tradespeople and landowners as we bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars into local economies through our renewable energy projects. NextEra owns and operates eight wind farms in Kansas, the oldest built in 2001. A Florida-based company is moving forward with plans to build what would be the biggest commercial solar farm in the state of Kansas. "Those events are not likely. The construction began on October 27, 2021, and is expected to be operational by the end of 2022. "There are a lot of jobs in renewable energy. "I think in all of this, it's important to not sugarcoat.". In recent years, some of the misinformation about renewable energy has come from former President Donald Trump, who frequently makes misleading and false anti-wind claims at his rallies and media appearances, including the untrue idea that wind turbine noise causes cancer. According to 2014 data from the Department of Energy, the most recent available, out of the then-40,000 turbines in the U.S., there had been fewer than 40 incidents. New Zealand For the Biden administration to hit its target of an electricity sector free of fossil fuels by 2035, the country has to double or triple the wind and solar power capacity it installs over the next few years and maintain that higher level of deployments for about a decade, says Kelly Speakes-Backman, who leads the Energy Department's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The Soldier Creek Wind Energy Center is more than wind turbines - it represents a significant capital investment in Kansas. If it were to be built in Republic County, it would be the largest wind farm ever built in Kansas, bringing more towers than there are homes to the rural parts of the county. Karen Bleier/AFP via Getty Images Hoen says, "We have not found evidence of property value impacts despite studying it over multiple periods of time. if ( dropdown.options[dropdown.selectedIndex].value > 0 ) { "I think we mapped it out and when you actually see it people are like holy moly. Since the acquisition, critical development activities have been completed, and the project has been optimized to deliver a strong business case. According to a map produced by the Kansas Corporation Commission, the wind farm, named the "High . Colombia Kerr says she knows the videos that have been featured by the group she co-founded have misinformation. Switzerland Lesotho Last fall, Fergen and his colleagues published a paper looking at the Facebook posts of Kitson's group and another large wind opposition group, about 90 kilometers east, fighting the Republic Wind Farm. At the shed, according to Kitson, they agreed that part of their outreach would involve posting information on a Facebook community page called "Citizens for Clear Skies," which ultimately grew to more than 770 followers. Select Facebook spokesman Kevin McAlister said in an emailed statement, "We take action against content that our fact-checking partners rate false as part of our comprehensive strategy to keep viral, provably false claims from spreading on our apps. U.S. Energy Information Administration stated, Solar farm planned at closed Louisiana coal power plant site, Big new incentives for clean energy arent enough the hard workbegins now, SPI Energy plans 3 GW solar wafer plant in South Carolina, Minnesota could finally unleash energy storage, A rosy future for agrivoltaics (and without the thorns), New funding for tidal energy projects in the UK, Innovative low-income battery pilot finally wins approval in Massachusetts. He says that while he is sympathetic to those in his county who don't want to live near a large-scale solar plant, he also thinks their concerns need to be weighed against the need to mitigate climate change. When wind farms first came to Kansas, developers were attracted to the Flint Hills region. He earned a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, and an MS from the University of Texas at Austin in environmental engineering. Coalbed Methane | The Marshall County residents proposed the Kansas Legislature enact statewide rules for wind farms, including a required 1-mile . In the last few months, more states Washington, Iowa and Kansas have proposed bills to restrict rural utility-scale wind and solar. Kerr says that while she disagrees with the misinformation used by some in her group, she says the anti-solar coalition makes for "strange bedfellows." Nigeria The process of developing the wind regulations amendment was initiated back in January. Climate Change | The High Banks Wind project features: Up to 233 GE wind turbines capable of generating approximately 600 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable energy. Alaska Heres how you can get involved, Mythbusting wind power: The truth about turbines, Interactive: Where are wind turbines in Kansas? Oregon Italy This story was originally published October 24, 2021, 4:30 AM. So he posts the photos and articles, many of which he receives from an anti-wind email list. Indiana Brazil ", A windfarm near Velva, N.D. South Carolina Reducing Light Pollution on Wind Farms ( SB 49) - Passed, Approved Creation of Lehigh-Portland State Park in Iola (HB 2039) - Passed, Approved. He gives the example of shadow flicker, the moving shadows from turbines, which opposition groups often cite when critiquing wind. } In that time, he has completed 13 wind projects ranging from ranches in Montana to oil fields in the Permian Basin. Use this map to explore them across the state. Sunflower Wind will be able to provide green energy to more than 68,000 homes, and were excited to continue the construction of the project, which we expect to reach commercial operation in the second half of 2023. Chile The project causing the consternation is NextEra Energy's High Banks Wind Farm. Given the importance of community engagement in the process of locating wind and solar, Mills says renewable proponents need to be careful that they aren't romanticizing the projects or providing misleading information themselves, for example, by saying that a wind or solar plant will bring lots of jobs to an area. Mexico Czech Republic Peru Energy News | Any opinions expressed in it are not necessarily those of National Wind Watch.The copyright of this article resides with the author or publisher indicated. "I hope that the government doesn't make a compromise between a scientifically based position and a misinformation-based position. By Dan Thalmann on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. . to move all of the definitions from NESHAP subparts G and H ( i.e., 40 CFR 63.111 and 40 CFR 63.161 , respectively) into the definition section of NESHAP subpart F (see proposed 40 CFR 63.101 ; and . Global Offshore Wind Alliance Welcomes Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Equinor, bp Launching Career-Building Initiative Tied to Offshore Wind, SUN DAY: Wind and Solar Are Crushing Coal, Appaloosa Run Wind Energy Center Now Producing Power in Texas, Potentia, Greengate Wrap Up Financing for Alberta Wind Power Project, Four Maine Wind Projects Find New Ownership, ECO EDISON Offshore Wind Service Operations Vessel on Track for 2024 Completion. Originally from Northeastern Oklahoma, Ian served in the United States Navy for 5 years working in a Mine Countermeasures unit. France New Mexico Costa Rica Syria The total electric capacity of Kansas wind farms doubled. Energy Directory | Hundreds of construction jobs, several long-term operations jobs, and millions of dollars in property tax revenue mean a brighter future for all of Osage County. It will become rsteds fourth onshore wind farm in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) energy market. He and his neighbors went on the offensive. The 300-foot-tall turbine is among the 134 units that make up the Post Rock Wind Farm.

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