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Jennie is in her early twenties. a) schizophrenia. Gwen is experiencing, 4) According to your text, anxiety is a response oriented toward the, 5) An intense fear reaction resembling sheer terror is called, 6) The most common behavioral expression of anxiety is, 7) Until recently, Jerry had always enjoyed being on his high school debate team, which had won several awards. A) Expected attack a) lack of affect A) depression. B) panic disorder. Now she finds that she engages in this behavior automatically when she is nervous about something. D) 95%, 30) People with panic disorder often feel sad and depressed, partly because their anxiety limits daily and work activities as well as enjoyment of life. 4 & 5: Relationships, Communicatio, LAB #7 : Classification and Biology of Kingdo, John David Jackson, Patricia Meglich, Robert Mathis, Sean Valentine, Service Management: Operations, Strategy, and Information Technology. This condition involves Although she has read all of the material and been active in class discussions, she has recurring thoughts of failing the exam. As she walked into her class, she suddenly felt sheer terror. Psych Review: Abnormal Behavior. Despite her successes, she has begun to worry about her grades and standing in college, and her future. Which of the following statements is true of social anxiety disorder (SAD), or social phobia? C) id and libido. What would be her likely diagnosis? b) bipolar disorder. 27) A key difference between the two types of panic disorders discussed in your text is the B) Social anxiety disorder symptoms? Prepare journal entries for Macy Co. to record each of the May transactions. c) It always manifests itself as a disorder. ", 25) Someone who has panic symptoms and cannot identify an environmental trigger for the event is most likely experiencing which specific type of attack? A) "I never know when the terror will strike." d) completely withdraw from society. The charter issued by the state authorized the following capital stock: Commonstock,$10parvalue,98,000sharesPreferredstock,$50parvalue,8percent,59,000shares\begin{array} {lrrrrr} To manage stress, the first step is to. d Multiple personality disorder is a term no longer used by psychologists but is still very common in the general public. Lila's lecture on anxiety Learn with flashcards, games, and more for free. b Bulimia nervosa is similar to anorexia in that victims see themselves as being overweight when they are not. He noticed tightness in his chest and he felt dizzy. If all the energy stored in plants could be converted to electricity, what average power, in terawatts, would be possible? the tendency to believe that one's performance must be perfect or the result will be a total failure. C) excoriation B) Men with BDD are more likely to be preoccupied with their hips and their weight and to pick at their skin and camouflage it with make-up. A).People with BDD never have delusional beliefs. This most likely caused him to experience. b) agoraphobia \text{Paint}&\text{\hspace{5pt}44 units @ \hspace{10pt}72 =}&\underline{\text{\hspace{11pt}3,168}}\\ 50) While trichotillamania and obsessive-compulsive disorders have many features in common, they also have significant differences. On average, you think you can earn 8 percent on your savings. are a result of illogical, irrational thought processes. Why or why not? D) superego and libido, 66) Cognitive theories of fear acquisition focus on _________ as explanations for the condition. c) mood After the first day of preschool, Roshanda cries and refuses to stay in bed following her mother's goodnight kiss and demands to sleep in her parents' bed. Suppose that power stations generated electricity by burning plant matter. D) poor interpersonal skills. Multiple Choice It is an anxiety disorder in which an individual has an irrational, persistent fear of darkness. C) an intrusive thought. B) bipolar disorder. A) body dysmorphic disorder 3) Gwen is preparing for her Psychology of Learning midterm exam. disorders in which there is a break in conscious awareness, memory, the sense of identity, or some combination. \end{array} b People of ancient times perceived signs of mental illness as caused by demons. C) compulsions are a response to anxiety but hair pulling occurs in reaction to a wide range of negative emotions. At this age, children sometimes fear: D) comes from a highly anxious family. During the attack, her thoughts swirled and she thought she might be losing control over herself. the tendency to interpret a single negative event as a never-ending pattern of defeat and failure, sudden onset of intense panic in which multiple physical symptoms of stress occur, often with feelings that one is dying, disorder in which panic attacks occur frequently enough to cause the person difficulty in adjusting to daily life, fear of leaving one's familiar surroundings because one might have a panic attack in public, type of schizophrenia in which the person suffers from delusions of persecution, grandeur, and jealousy, together with hallucinations. Her monthly payments were $75 per month. D) degree to which the person is aware that fear causes functional impairment. annabeth_welborn. Also, Alan went to see a psychologist to get some help overcoming his anxiety in public. c) They are a result of distortions in thinking. A) animals Macy Co. is a major customer (buyer) of Allied (seller) products. Exercise reduces stress by. \end{array} C) fear of unwanted pregnancy. D) needles, 44) Little Jake is strongly bonded to his mother. C) PTSD It's kind of like trouble-shooting." Sold 78,000 shares of common stock at $20 per share and collected cash. C) neglect Her thoughts persist even though she is an honors student and has never failed a test. 9) Your professor announces a quiz on this chapter. A) 50% some cases of dissociative identity disorder? Most likely, Cassandra has D) depressive episodes. 45) One feature of obsessions that creates anxiety for an individual is their Instructions: Enter amounts for direct materials requisitions on the materials ledger cards and the job cost sheets. B) intrusive nature. D) a bedtime ritual. Enter the beginning raw materials inventory dollar amounts for each of these materials on their respective ledger cards. In the context of an anxiety-related response, what would you label your reaction to the announcement? Pages 15. B) believe that anxiety will result in negative consequences. The present value of an investment depends on the timing of its future cash flows. D) 20%. A. fear that he might be caught somewhere that would not be easy to escape from. 47) By completing rituals, individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder believe they can neutralize the threat of something bad. 11) As a patient describes his symptoms to a clinician, she begins to suspect that he is suffering from an anxiety disorder. a ch: B26+27 Khu B, Hong Cu, ng a, H Ni, a ch: 14 o Duy Anh, Thanh Kh, Nng, a ch: 730/8 Lc Long Qun, phng 9, Tn Bnh, HCM, CNG TY C PHN XUT NHP KHU K NGH NG b) poor attention An example of an event likely to be associated with distress is. B) a social anxiety disorder. psychological disorders. What is the primary difficulty with applying the criterion of "social norm deviance" to define, c Behavior that is considered disordered in one culture may be acceptable in another. C) It is particularly common among children. B) 11 years A) 18% A) generalized anxiety disorder. B) reverse the pattern of negative reinforcement. A) It is a common emotion in new situations. B) "The thought of talking in class worried me a bit." B) refusal to eat The psychologist, a Within the psychological model, cognitive psychologists tend to treat disorders by attempting to change the person's thought patterns, Anorexia and bulimia may be considered ______________, as they are most often found in Western. d) dissociative, c Mood disorders are characterized by disturbances in emotion, while somatoform disorders take the form of bodily ailments that have no physical cause, An individual diagnosed with dysthymia would most likely exhibit which of the following d) dissociative fugue, c Schizophrenia is associated with an imbalance of dopamine. 55) Post-traumatic stress disorder is initiated when an individual experiences a traumatic event or a) They are a result of learned helplessness. B) trichotillomania a) antisocial personality disorder d) psychoanalytic. C) nearly 15% They can purchase the item and apply their payments towards the cost. When we talk about social anxiety disorder or social phobia we can say option bis more suitable that isGENE S APPEAR TO PLAY A ROLE IN THIS DISORDER AL. c) delusions. For obsessive-compulsive disorder studies, this technique would There are several different types of anxiety disorders C. Anxiety disorders can persist across the lifespan D. Anxiety disorders often occur with other disorders, ____ is a group of physical symptoms of . How much would you have to save each year if you didn't start until age 35? Copyright 2015-2021 by MAD CATZ VIT NAM. symptoms of schizophrenia that are less than normal behavior or an absence of normal behavior; poor attention, flat affect, and poor speech production. d) paranoid, b Severe motor disturbance is a feature of catatonic schizophrenia. A) Agoraphobia without history of panic a Within the psychological model of abnormality, behavioral psychologists emphasize shaping through positive and negative reinforcement as a factor in the development of some cases of dissociate identity disorder. . C) Gene combinations that put a person at risk Her heart raced and she had difficulty breathing. B) school-related phobia. The goal of meditation is to stop distracting thoughts from occurring. A) question participants in order to activate certain portions of the brain. 68) As a pharmacological approach to the treatment of anxiety disorders, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) correct serotonin imbalances by Mental Health Exam 1 material part 2. anxiety that is unrelated to any realistic, known source. response. Dysthymic disorder consists of similar symptoms but is not seasonal in nature. C) 98%. 18/02/2022 development. D) about 25%. This message warned of an increased risk for B) 50 Multiple Choice It is an anxiety disorder in which an individual has an irrational, persistent fear of darkness. A) hears another person discuss a traumatic event and relives the experience. d) dissociative disorders. support mediates fear. She would then pick at the scabs, preventing them from healing properly. B) Unexpected attack C) 21 years D) delusional disorder. D) 50 percent, 60) Rates of PTSD for children exposed to a traumatic event have a range from ____ to ____ of victims. A) the marketplace. D) a classic case of d) multiple personality disorder. B) 32% \text{Material M}&\text{120 units @ \$200 =}&\text{\$\hspace{1pt}24,000}\\ A) cognitive-behavioral therapeutic 35 terms. a) somatoform disorders. If she sought help for her problem, what would Mrs. Worden's diagnosis probably be? a The word affect is used to mean emotion or mood, . B) environmental conditions (c) Do you think it is fair that you must pay these taxes? Macy is a retailer that uses the gross method and a perpetual inventory system; it purchases these units for resale. d) social forces., What is the primary difficulty with applying the criterion of "social norm deviance" to define abnormal behavior? B) Specific genes for various anxiety disorders Which statement most appropriately applies to this scenario? disorder. c) somatoform disorders. increasing hunger and activating fat storage enzymes. How would you categorize this behavior? D) False attack. a) They are due to an inadequate resolution of the Oedipus complex. model of explaining behavior as caused by biological changes in the chemical, structural, or genetic systems of the body, perspective in which abnormal behavior is seen as the result of the combined and interacting forces of biological, psychological, social, and cultural influences, severe mood swings between major depressive episodes and manic episodes, maladaptive personality pattern in which the person is moody, Which of the following statements is true about anxiety? Explain a possible treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder from each of the following types of therapy: Group therapy Cognitive therapy Behavioral therapy. 14) Roshanda is a good-natured four-year-old who typically enjoys her 7:30 PM bedtime ritual. Lately, when she looks in the mirror, she sees an obese woman. B) level of social development. Sal has decreased levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in his prefrontal cortex. 71) Thirty years of research on psychological interventions for anxiety disorders have shown behavioral therapy and ______ interventions to be the most efficacious treatments. C) 5% A) more likely to also have the disorder. B) cleanliness. Sonia's experience is best described as a It's always been a good strategy. (a) If you get a part-time job, what taxes will you probably pay on your earnings? B) Panic disorder + agoraphobia Prepare the stockholders equity section of the balance sheet at December 31, 2011. B) Anxiety is a symptom that occurs only in the anxiety disorders but not in other. Assume you are 21 years old and have no savings yet, but you have a good job and can start saving. Other Quizlet sets. 24) An expected panic attack would be characterized by which of the following statements? Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. \text{Total cost}&&\underline{\underline{\text{\$\hspace{1pt}39,968}}}\\ b) They are a type of learned behavior. D) It is always learned., 2) Which of the following are components of the autonomic nervous system? Given this scenario, which of the following might be his diagnosis? A) id and ego. While prevalent in adults, they are relatively rare in children B. The condition in which a person shows little or no emotion is referred to as C) parasympathetic system symptoms of anxiety, dissociation, nightmares, poor sleep, reliving the event, and concentration problems lasting for more than 1 month. C) below 12 percent D) "I felt as if I was outside of my body. Which of the following statements about social loafing is true? b This statement is true because some types of anxiety are normal, Over the past few years, Sam has become extremely fearful of going to any public place such as a B) the importance of B) has just cited two classic behavioral symptoms of anxiety. Locate and use an online retirement planning tool to determine how much you would have to save each year to meet your savings goal? B) 15.7% b) hallucinations. Anxiety is an unpleasant emotional state, but it has no physical effects. C) Anxiety can be adaptive, helpful, and beneficial when it alerts people to a realistic threat. might he be at risk of experiencing? According to the TED-Ed video on stress and research on stress and body function, prolonged stress has been found to. D) Despite misgivings and nervousness, a student successfully completes an in-class presentation. B) medication. d) agoraphobia. Hallucinations represent an excess or addition in normal function and would be classified as a positive symptom When he mentions fearing class presentations and dropping classes to avoid them, she knows that he C) not at higher risk for the disorder. \text{Common stock, \$10 par value, 98,000 shares}\\ After three unsuccessful attempts to entice Roshanda to sleep in her own bed, her mother gives in. $31,77060%. Which of the following statements is true of social anxiety disorder (SAD), or social phobia? b) catatonic As you hear the news, your mind begins to conjure up images of failure and the impact of your poor performance on your chosen career as a psychologist. overeating enormous amounts of food at one sitting, and then using unhealthy methods to avoid weight gain. Anxiety is a symptom that occurs only in the anxiety disorders but not in other, Anxiety can be adaptive, helpful, and beneficial when it alerts people to a realistic. A) body dysmorphic disorder A) 10 D) impact of social anxiety disorder on functioning. Would it be enough to meet world electricity demand, which is of order 101010 terawatts? A total of about 180,000180,000180,000 terawatts of solar power reaches Earth's surface, of which about 0.06%0.06 \%0.06% is used by plants for photosynthesis. c) psychoanalyst. These are indicators that which branch of the nervous system has been activated? 26) Agoraphobia literally means fear of d) It is unusual for a mentally healthy person to experience anxiety. David woke up in the middle of the night because he smelled smoke. 2) Which of the following are components of the autonomic nervous system? identify and assess the stressors in your life. C) stress-related episode. b) display excessive and inappropriate emotions Cortisol contributes to weight gain by. 34) Some people suffer from a feeling that a thousand eyes are watching every move they make. D) generalized anxiety disorder. A) trichotillamania is short-lived while obsessive-compulsive disorder is long-term. B) four A) 53%. 69) The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a warning on the use of SSRIs with regard to children, adolescents, and young adults with depression. C) Environmental phobia spaces. C) the extent to which social b. A) participants' serotonin levels are manipulated and their anxiety levels monitored. C) agoraphobia. A) level of cognitive b) Bipolar disorder D) sexual dysfunctions. c) schizophrenia A) is likely to need medication to help him relax. A disorder resulting from exposure to a major stressor, with A) OCD. B) the genetic component. 52) Audra has a lot of trouble looking at herself in the mirror to put on her make-up. distinguish between fantasy and reality, is likely suffering from disorder would Sam most likely be diagnosed? Which of the following statements is true of social anxiety disorder (SAD), or social phobia? C) decreasing the length of time serotonin lies dormant in the synaptic region. Genes appear to play a role in this disorder, along with neural circuitry involving the thalamus, amygdalae, and cerebral cortex It involves. When she is nervous, she tends to pull some of it out, which helps her feel better. d The biological model emphasizes physiological or physical causes for psychological disorders. C) need for medication to bring symptoms under control. the need to consider the unique characteristics of the culture in which behavior takes place, disorders found only in particular cultures. a) interpreting a single negative event as a never-ending pattern of defeat. medication. D)Generalized anxiety disorder, 58) Although approximately 6.8% of the adult U.S. population suffers from PTSD, the rate for combat-related PTSD among veterans is about c) Dysthymic disorder But yesterday, as Jerry prepared for next week's event, he began to experience a heightened sense of nervousness. 56) Hyperarousal, intrusion, and an exaggerated startle response are symptoms of C) 57% A person suffering from disordered thinking, bizarre behavior, and hallucinations, who is unable to . b) making mountains out of molehills. d Seasonal affective disorder occurs primarily during the winter months. A) Depersonalization disorder S Giy chng nhn KDN: 0102179490, cp ngy 09/07/2013 Ni cp: S K hoch v u t Thnh ph H Ni, Chnh sch vn chuyn Chnh sch thanh ton Chnh sch bo hnh i tr Chnh sch bo mt Chnh sch mua hng. __________is a mood disorder that is caused by the body's reaction to low levels of light present in 37) More than 50% of people diagnosed with social anxiety disorder have traveling away from familiar surroundings with amnesia for the trip and possible amnesia for personal information, disorder disorder occurring when a person seems to have two or more distinct personalities within one body. a) psychological A) reverse the pattern of the client's dependency on avoidance behaviors. B) trichotillomania any pattern of behavior that causes people significant distress, causes them to harm others, or harms their ability to function in daily life.

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